B2B Sales Compared with B2C Sales

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While B2B marketers are increasingly using B2C marketing strategies, it is important to note that the motivation for B2B buyers is different from B2C buyers.


B2B sales are:

  • Budget led
  • Based on rational decisions
  • Needs-based
  • Usually well-researched


Securing business sales means being transparent about the value of your product or service, creating a relationship with your clients and maintaining a level of excellence in customer service that sets the standard well above your competitors.


In business, establishing relationships is core to sales. Whether your solution is unique or you have 1,000 competitors, your relationships matter. Supply circles in online B2B operations are small, and establishing yourself as a reputable and reliable supplier who is available, transparent and willing to work with customers can solidify your position on the supply chain.


B2C buyers are motivated by needs and wants and are often more motivated by emotion than solutions. People shopping for themselves are often less concerned about relationships with vendors.


However, what all customers have in common is seeking a solution. Whether the question is ‘what jeans fit me and my budget?’ or ‘which software provides our business with the solution we need?’, shoppers are seeking personalised responses to the questions they ask. Big data is helping to fill the gap B2B marketers have faced in this domain in the past, while eCommerce is creating a broader gap for personal shoppers.


Regardless of your needs, there are five things that B2B and B2C buyers are looking for, and that you should provide:

  • Answers to questions
  • Excellent customer service
  • Transparency of product or service descriptions
  • Support services that conform to laws
  • Secure and easy checkouts


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